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Word On The Street Festival Halifax.

Lunenburg Market

Alex wrote some original music to perform at his book launches.

"Please tell Alex I am so enjoying his book!  I am leaving it at the cottage so I can't read it too fast and it is torture to wait to read more. A fun anticipation torture!!  Loving it!!"

"I have not been reading much the last few years and did not expect to get into your novel to be honest.  Well,  I could not put it down and can not get it out of my head!  Alex, you have written a gem."

"He most certainly has an original style. I mean that in a very positive way. Another sign that this book is a good read is how anxious I have been to get back to it. I am looking forward to learning how everyone at 'The Tracks' evolves . After getting halfway through I understand Alex's comment about how the characters drive the novel."

"I really like that you left out all the shit that most writers put in their books, the 'oh look at this' kind of stuff. Great imagery."

"I didn't know you could do this kind of thing in a book."

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