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Irma shrugged as if she was just a spectator to her baby's growing up.

"It's the way you're talking' maid. It's like you're deliverin' a lecture in a tavern."

A warm excitement filled Archie with possibilities. His new neighbor had him jumping. That he felt something like being in love excited him a bit but not much. 'In love' comes and goes. Juliette restored a balance at The Tracks. Ronnie was an interesting character but not the right sort. Archie didn't closely define what Ronnie lacked as a resident of The Tracks. He hesitated to drop in on his own conundrum, the irreconcilable democracy versus elitism.

"Yes yes, I never really understood the reason or reasons. When I first saw the place, The Tracks, it was immediately attractive. Run-down houses or other run-down buildings wouldn't seem so attractive. Wait now, maybe some building that had another intended purpose, like a garage or a church maybe but that might be complicated. Hmm."

Juliette said, "I think of James Joyce in the Martello Tower. Perhaps it is an avoidance of expectation or, I guess, the avoidance of having the way you live already planned out. A regular house was designed as a place to live by you or by somebody else. Yes, the house is planned as a place to live, a rational plan. It is usually a conventionally rational plan. The house expects a certain kind of behavior. If you have a room which has certain characteristics; you have to ask yourself what that room intends you to do in there. Let us say it is a dining room. You will probably use it for that but if you did not have a dining room, you might like to eat with a plate on your lap."

"Yeah, she said don't worry about it. But he says stuff, I don't know, stuff that makes me wonder. He said, well, the first thing is he always calls her Juliette Cameron. He said her voice is so soft but you can hear it from far away and he said one time we were all playing together and Juls got grass stains on her knees. Once he said, just out of the blue, that Juls was wearing a certain skirt and her slip was white. You never see him around but I think he watches us a lot. I told him about that guy, Randall French, and what Mr. Mosher said about him. I told him how Tommy Brian said he saw Juls face off with the guy and put her knife back in its holder. He asked me a lot of questions about that. That kind of stuff really seems to interest him."

"What kind of stuff, Lacie?"

"Tough stuff, like fights and stuff. He's so sick looking. Remember that old man I told you about in Halifax, the man who was dying? Bert looks the same."

"Sanity is a desirable state."

The wife likes the pepper on late, just before they're out of the pan. She says black pepper is the most underrated spice. You can do a lot with pepper, you know."

It was Lank's turn to do the laundry on their last day in the city. Juliette checked the laundry bag before he got to it and, sure enough, she found those four sexy little things in there and in need of cleaning. She took them out, resisted an almost overwhelming urge to sniff and gave them to the hotel laundry service. She picked up the items just before they left the hotel and brought them to the girls. "You can tell me if you need to but I do not need to know and I am sure Archie and Lank will not need to know."

Lank bought and sold cars. If he didn't do that, he would just buy cars. Lank loved cars.

For so many months, gravity sent simple messages. Gravity was the discomfort of lying in one position too long but walking made gravity complicated by balance, sequence, and expectation. For every footfall, she needed to actuate a foot launch and so much sweet effort from muscles she hadn't noticed before. Her body became a new friend.

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