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Juliette Cameron arrived at The Tracks in Sterling Reserve looking for a place to sleep and another drink. Juliette skippered a fishing boat at age seventeen and gave up on university at twenty-two. In 1951, she began living in one of five abandoned rail cars parked on a spur line on the wrong side of a broken down bridge. Archie MacKenzie lived in the caboose next door. Lank, Irma and baby Lacie lived down the tracks in an old dining car. Juliette was a delicate beauty but friends and enemies came to know her fierce strength and weak resolve.

The characters drive this novel. They gobble up life and wash it down with plenty of rum. Juliette distrusts loyalty and duty. She avoids having one man for a long time because it would interfere with having other men for a short time. But Juliette forms strong bonds with the others at The Tracks, including Victoria, who arrives inauspiciously in the spring of 1952. Those bonds are as sturdy and resilient as the steel rails their homes sit on.

Life at The Tracks can be steel rail cold or steamy hot.

Alex W MacLeod lives and writes in Nova Scotia. He worked as a laborer, teacher, lawyer and musician. He has published short stories in Canada and the UK.

The Tracks - a refuge – is Alex's first novel. He created the characters and gave them names but the characters wrote the book for him. However, they're not a reliable bunch, so Alex spent years rewriting and revising The Tracks.


- a refuge -

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